We’ll shake dem bones by the light of the fire
The ol’ woman screaming at the funeral pyre
he cracklin’ wood an’ a far away moan
Oh Papa Legba won’t you leave me alone

Tie two roosters together, fightin’ in the mud
Twenty-dollar bills justa covered with blood
Soul sweat drippin’ an’ I can’t find my way
Rub some ashes on your heart, cuz we all gonna pay

I could run on an’ hide but I don’t know where
Scrape the mud off my boots, an’ put some wax in my hair
Keep your dogs off me, let me pass through the night
I hear your cold whisper say, “It’s gonna be alright”

Go away Legba leave your crutch by the door
Enough of your tricks I can’t take it no more
Pour some oil on my head carve a cross outta bone
Oh Papa Legba won’t you leave me alone.